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My name is Tavo Kangru live in Tallinn, Estonia and want to learn to fly hang glider.
Ive been writing to some Finnish flying club but no replay (old e-mail addresses) so if you have any information about hang glider schools please e-mail me back.


Tavo Kangru
Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool

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Vs: koulutustahaetaan
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Etelän liitäjät is organising hang gliding instruction at Southern Finland based on Helsinki. We have several instructors.

Now we have 4 students at high flights and we are not able to take more now.

We are planning next course at the end of this summer depanding of the arrival of our new trainer glider. At summer instructors also prefer to fly own flights. We do not get paid salary from instructing.

At summertime instructing is pretty difficult and slow. It is possible at evening 2 hours before sunset and the airfieds are pretty far away. Mornings could be used, but there should be gliders and staff ready after sunrise. Up ti 9:00 it might be possible to fly, if it is sunny. Clouds would help to make the usable time longer, but still the main time gos to travelling.

At summertime this mens taht it will take 10 t0 15 flying evenings to make the course. Not nice to do it from Estonia. At winter we can do it in 7 flyable days.

Flyable means that it may be some hours before we can decide if ithe weather is suitable or not. This means that nothing can be scheduled. This a big reason why it is so difficult to get trainning and why resources are so limited.

One solution is an intensive course as a camp at Lahti or Räyskälä airfield, but it is highly dependent of the weather and other things. Maybe we will do it next year with a more suitable glider.

At winter we can use see and lakes and the whole days is flyable.  This year we could do it in the middle of Helsinki.

As we start to plan the next course, I will inform it here.
Other clubs might instruct at summer, but I do not know about their situation.