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My name is Jorgos and I live in Southern Sweden. I am certified instructor in both free-flying and FLPHG (Swedish Hanggliding Association) and I organise a 2-week HG trip to the French Alps every July.

The trip is open to anybody that wants to get going with their flying and advance under expert instruction or simply wants to fly in the Alps and needs a guide. The minimum requirement for any student that wishes to join the trip is basic training with good teqhnique at taking off from hill plus discussion/agreement with Finnish instructor.  

I am not really aweare of the Finnish insurance policy but I can definatelly say that my insurance does not cover students that fly under my supervision.

This year the trip will be between the 10th and the 24th of july and by that I mean first flight in France will hopefully be on the evening of the 10th of July (departure from Southern Sweden one day earlier if possible).

More info about this trip http://www6.idrottonline.se/IdrottOnlineKlubb/Malmo/SkanesDFK-Flygsport/Lardigflyga/Utbildning2016/ and http://www6.idrottonline.se/IdrottOnlineKlubb/Malmo/SkanesDFK-Flygsport/Lardigflyga/Varautbildningar/

The trip normally starts with flying in Chindrieux for the benefit of new students and then continues with St André Les Alpes and Aspres/Laragne.

Feel free to contact me at billis.yorgos@gmail.com


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